Thursday, August 25, 2011

Moss, like a rolling stone

A while back I donated a portrait session to the Johnson Intern Program, the organization for which my mom is Director. It was time for the annual Year End Dinner, and my session was part of a silent auction.

The high bidder asked me to do a portrait of her daughter, Moss, who was college-bound. On the day I photographed her in her grandparents' garden in Creedmor, she was less than 24 hour away from embarking on her journey to Carnegie-Mellon, where she plans to study Dramaturgy.

Moss is simultaneously poised and relaxed, at home with herself and amongst others. In between shots, she would dart inside to prepare dinner for her family. I wish her so much luck — not that she'll need it — in college and beyond.

Thursday, July 07, 2011

Off the Screen, Onto the Page!

It's far too infrequent that I get to see my work not on a back-lit screen, where so much of it winds up for web use, but held in my own hands on the printed page of a magazine or piece of print marketing. I always smile when I see my name in print - actual print - and eventually I tuck it away into my tearsheets file. Here are a few samples of late(-ish), dug out from the files.

First, I've been so excited to take on a few assignments for Our State Magazine over the past year or so. Our State does just beautiful work (much of the best of it produced by my good friend and fellow photographer Lissa Gotwals) and I literally squealed the first time I opened the magazine to one of my prints.  


Recently some work I did for a wonderful organization, Builders of Hope, was used in their beautifully designed Annual Report.

I've been doing the photography for the Durham Chamber of Commerce' Business & Relocation Guide for the past two years, but I was particularly excited about this year's cover, taken at the awesome, funky, light-filled offices of McKinney

Whenever I get the chance to have my photographs used in conjunction with Orangeseed Design, based in Minneapolis, I know I'm in good hands. Here are some print materials from Aurora University:

And the beautiful annual report for Feeding America, a simply incredible hunger relief nonprofit whose work has nationwide impact.

A spread for Feeding America in Newsweek Magazine: 

And this one is older now, but I always love the chance to work with the nonprofit Hidden Voices and its talented and compassionate director, Lynden Harris.

It's a privilege to work with the clients that I do. Here's to more work off the screen!

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

The Clapp-Ferguson House

I was about to write up a quick post about my morning photographing my neighbors Keith and Adrian's incredible home, but they beat me to it. Check out a few of the photos here, as well as this one (above) of their beautiful staircase.

It really made me want to go back and fix a lot of the mistakes Matt and I made on our humble little home! We love it anyway, but... wow.

Wednesday, May 04, 2011

How Engaging

I've had a couple of engagement sessions lately - one for a lovely couple whose wedding I'll be shooting in October, and one for my friends whose wedding, gloriously, I'll be attending as a guest (!) later this month.

First, meet Hillary and Kate.

We pranced around downtown Carrboro together and took advantage of the beautiful day the the many colorful corners of town. Kacy Johnson assisted and we all had a lot of fun.

Definitely looking forward to that wedding!

A couple of weeks ago I spent a Sunday morning with my friends Erik and Meg, whose wedding is a mere couple of weeks away. Their wedding will be in downtown Durham, and they are both very invested in the city's well-being and future. Erik is a transportation planner, so we headed to the train station first.

I was wishing I'd thought to bring an old-fashioned suitcase for this one... I have one that used to belong to my grandparents, and is covered in travel stickers.

A jaunt to Brightleaf to take advantage of the classic ironwork:

Thanks to Mollie for assisting.

It's spring, folks — love is in the air!

Wednesday, December 08, 2010

Jacob and Rachel

How beautiful are these children's eyes? I had the pleasure of photographing my massage therapist's children recently (did I mention I love the barter system?) and their gorgeous blue eyes were almost as striking as their sweet, gentle demeanors.