Monday, September 24, 2007


It's still pretty basic, but at least I've got some more material for my galleries. Enjoy. Oh, and feedback is welcome. Photos that work, or don't work?

Saturday, September 22, 2007

Grainy Dreamscapes

Slowly scanning the Holga stuff I shot on my two weeks away, and gradually learning the finesse of scanning color negatives. Here's some highlights, starting from back during our NY jaunt.

A few from around Cambridge and Boston...

Mobile, Ala....

And one of Julia in Maine.

Against the realities of my budget, I went fall shopping today... a minor pick-me-up to ward off the onset of blues settling in due to the shortening of days. I've been keeping very busy with work and being a good girlfriend while Matt studies diligently for the GREs, and fortunately there are little trinkets of promising escape in the near future: namely, a car trip to Quebec City with Marie and Jamie in early October, and then Thanksgiving in New York with the fam.

Today I spent a part of the evening shooting more Holga at Haymarket... can't wait to see how those come out.

Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Love In Her Tummy

Just wanted to share some photos of my beautiful friend Johanna, who, at the time of the photos, was 7 months pregnant... now she's only a couple of weeks away from her due date. She and her husband Nathan came down for a visit in August, and she and I played in the studio while it poured outside.

I can't wait to meet the person hiding out in there... I've known Johanna since we were in "A Midsummer Night's Dream" together as Oberon's fairies in 10th grade.

This fall promises to be busy in a different way than the past 9 months have been busy. I'm cutting back on my freelance in order to build a better body of work, in hopes of getting more interesting and higher-paying freelance in the future... and I'm also building a curriculum for 8 weeks of photography classes at a school for very, very troubled teenage girls, which I'll be co-teaching as well. I'm really looking forward to that.

Today, while filling out a CORI form so I can work at this school, I had to list all my addresses for the past 7 years. I almost couldn't do it. I figured there are about 10 of them, just counting those that were more than a couple months' duration. Crazy, ain't it? I wonder where that number will be by the time I'm 30? How many more times can I stand to move all my crap around (the key being, of course, not to acquire too much crap)?

I'll be checking in with you well before then, but expect slightly less frequent (but more exciting! More colorful! More fantastic!) posting in the near future.