Tuesday, June 06, 2006

Don't Hate Them Because They're Beautiful

No rest for my camera shutter lately. And truly, who could ask for more charasmatic subjects? Check back soon for a whole bunch more from last weekend, but for now I give you...

Ian, who looked fantastic in any light I stuck him under...

Laura, who surprised herself by being nervous in front of the camera, but who, as you can see, is such a beauty...

And Jen P. from work, and her boyfriend Jake, who were so much fun to shoot.

And now, I think you should probably prepare yourselves for these insanely smoking hot photographs of Kim. No, really. My boyfriend near about had to leave the room (actually, the one that caused that particular reaction didn't make it to the blog. I use some discretion, after all.)

Here's Marilyn Kimroe.

I mean it. I didn't even do my usual edits on these photos. They were perfect as is.

Doing her hair and make-up was a good time. I love the result.

And now for the '50's "innocence"...

And the slightly deranged house frau...

And just, I mean, hot damn...

There is something so fascinating and self-indulgent about reading other people's descriptions of you, especially when it's not said with the intention of your reading/hearing about it. Matt's Borders friend Scott Hart, whose blog you probably shouldn't read at work due to its rather explicit nature (although I do once in a while anyway), wrote this in a recent entry:
We were talking about MattD and that hot photo-art chick he is dating and how attractive they both are (I said Matt was my premiere choice to play Peter Parker when I am asked to direct a Spiderman film) and I posited that you could walk into their apartment and think you'd come across them fighting when in fact you'd just find Matt kissing a mirror.

Well, it sounded funnier when I actually said it and I can't edit so fuck off.
Hot photo-art chick! I don't quite get the joke, but... do you know how I would have died if someone had said that about me in middle school? God, I want to summon up that skinny, underdeveloped, rather shy, awkward adolescent girl and tell her what carrying around a camera for long enough can do for your sex appeal. She might actually stop wishing her cats could talk back to her and chill out a little about what people thought.

(Actually, in truth I wasn't terribly obsessed with what people thought. At least any more than any other 12-year-old girl. Seventh grade was my hell-year. But I digress.)

And by the way, as for the Spiderman comment, you may know that I think Tobey Maguire is strangely, oddly, the sexiest man on Jessie's planet. I saw Spidey 2 three times, and once at an IMAX theater.

Thank you so much to those of you who swung by my photo opening, or have since stopped by the Beanstock to see my pictures. It was such a good learning experience. Like, for example, next time I'll eat something and down a glass of wine before people get there and I'm almost too jittery to answer basic requests like, "So tell me about this picture."
Lately there is so little time in a day, and I swear tomorrow it will be September already, and the next day I'll be 40. There are many things on which I want to expound... but sometimes by the end of the day the energy I can muster is required for watching Scrubs and melting further and further into the fold of the futon. Hopefully soon I will rise to the writing I want to do, but in the meantime, I'll keep my shutter-finger busy.

For some reason that sounds dirty to me, but I assure you that was not my intention.

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