Sunday, March 04, 2007

Go, Go, Go!

Off to NY again to assist another shoot, this time for a handful of famous and important people. I'll have to leave you guessing, but one of their names sounds like "Toby" but with an "M" in front, another is a famous actress, another was a star tennis player known for his temper ("You cannot be serious!") and yet another is from one of the more influential families in the US starting with "K". I may even get to powder some noses on top of my usual equipment schlepping and light-setting-up.

Yesterday was one of those days where, while it's clear that good things are coming to you and you're getting the work you've hoped for, it's a liiiiiiiittle much. I got picked up for a shoot at 7am and worked my ass off until around 2:30, being driven to various locations and setting up photo ops with the candidate and various (preselected) extras. From there it was straight to the portrait studio for my last night closing, or ever - and I had two trying sittings and a night to myself waiting for the mall to close, trying to keep my eyes open. And then, once home, instead of going to bed, I had one of those long, important and heady conversations that leaves your brain reeling and your emotions a little wracked. It just seemed like the right time, for some insane reason.

So, once this crazy week is over I'll try to get back to writing that's a little more thoughtful and/or entertaining. Hang in there. Hang in there. Hang in there.

(I'm talking to myself.)


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