Monday, August 13, 2007

Droughts By Their Most Literal Definitions

North Carolina is dry as a bone. I think of summer here as lush and green and buggy, but since I arrived yesterday, underslept and disoriented, it's been brown and crackly and buggy. It didn't stop me from doing my usual aimless walk around the farm with my camera and Buddy as my tour guide.

Other than the drought, things are pretty much the same. Maybe just a little more run-down... like me.

Except that my mom went and got a new bed for my room... which has spurred the decision that feeling the springs against your knees when you climb into bed is unacceptable, and I'm getting a new bed for my birthday as soon as I get back to Boston.

Some of the cats have gotten so old and dilapidated than I can't even look at them without the shield of my camera in front of my eye or my heart might break. We lost Bell, but somehow both Boots, who I got as a kitten when I was 7, and Cloudy, who we inherited, are still managing to stand and eat and occasionally spring away from the younger cats. They look terrible... here's Cloudy:

..and Boots:

Beanie, however (originally christened String Bean), manages to look distinguished in spite of his age:

It's good to be home.

Tomorrow I'm leaving for New Orleans. I have my Canon 30D, my Holga, my Mamiya C-330 TLR, loads of film. Got my maps and my voice recorder. I can't wait to roll through towns with names like Money, Ecru, Scooba, Good Thunder, Janice, and Yazoo City.

I've still got two weeks left to grapple with turning 25. Exciting things before I do: visiting Meredith in New Orleans; Matt visits the farm; I go to Maine with Georgia and Julia. The long hours of work this summer have been worth the wait.

I'll write more from Rome.


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K-Dogg said...

Jessie - I miss you! Those cats look so sad and ragged - and yet cute. Luckily they have a loving family. :) Enjoy your adventures!