Saturday, September 22, 2007

Grainy Dreamscapes

Slowly scanning the Holga stuff I shot on my two weeks away, and gradually learning the finesse of scanning color negatives. Here's some highlights, starting from back during our NY jaunt.

A few from around Cambridge and Boston...

Mobile, Ala....

And one of Julia in Maine.

Against the realities of my budget, I went fall shopping today... a minor pick-me-up to ward off the onset of blues settling in due to the shortening of days. I've been keeping very busy with work and being a good girlfriend while Matt studies diligently for the GREs, and fortunately there are little trinkets of promising escape in the near future: namely, a car trip to Quebec City with Marie and Jamie in early October, and then Thanksgiving in New York with the fam.

Today I spent a part of the evening shooting more Holga at Haymarket... can't wait to see how those come out.

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