Sunday, March 02, 2008

Getting Through to Spring

Oh, it's so close now I can smell it, but we still manage to get dumped on with snow and ice every few days (it seems). Gotta find that balance between looking forward to better weather, and knowing there's a long, chilly, rainy spring ahead.

When I first moved to Boston almost three years ago (our anniversary, Boston's and mine, is March 15), I found the spring weather so absurd that, on my way to work at a soulless temp job, I would find myself laughing hysterically while watching all the business commuters struggle to keep their skirts down, hats on, and umbrellas concave. I started photographing all the broken umbrellas I saw in the city, a project I still want to do something with, and which gave birth to my love of the umbrella theme.

It's pretty much work these days, aside from a few little events - like a visit from Johanna, Nathan, and William, who were down for a surgery for little William. William and I, we're like old buddies now; we take some time to catch up.

The pizza Matt was eating was a source of great fascination.

This past weekend I finally got around to a project I've been wanting to do for weeks - which I can't show you until a few days from now when it's completely done, but here's a sneak peak:

There are potential changes ahead for me... big changes. And, potentially, not. As a person uncomfortable with not being able to plan ahead, I am jumping out of my skin like a 5-year-old who really has to pee. But at the same time... it's kind of fun, not knowing for sure what's next. It's making me nostalgic about both situations. More details as they unfold.

As for you cold weather dwellers... hang in there. Get a strong umbrella and some good rubber boots.

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anna said...

I love the light in your apartment!