Tuesday, March 28, 2006

LifeSavor Me!

Work is insanely busy at the moment with an event called LifeSavor that pulls in about half of our annual income in one glitzy, indulgent, over-stuffed night. I, being responsible for the guest list ensuring that each person willing to pay XXX amount of money can get in the door, am terrified of making a mistake and sending us down in flames, so unfortunately there won't be much time for blogging in the next few days, unless I'm miraculously awake enough when I get home at night.

In the meantime, though... enjoy some pictures of Will Dailey's CD-listening party last Saturday night at Lizard Lounge in Cambridge. This kid is so tricky, and so much fun, to photograph. He's also unfairly cute, and nice, to boot.

See y'all in the Days of Fools...

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