Tuesday, March 21, 2006

Up and Running, and My Ass Hurts

Get me, I'm up!

Umbrellablues.com is still pretty far from finished, but the photos are being organized, the domain has been purchased, and my good friend Sean drunkenly helped me launch a coming soon page to keep you all enticed. We sat slouched over my computer talking about FTP while our cohorts rallied for the 5th or 6th hour of drinking on a Saturday night. Pitiful.

I am blessed with the gift of scavanging, and tend to find amazing and otherwise expensive stuff out on the street, abandoned by my blasé and overly moneyed neighbors. A couple of weeks ago offered up a box of books, mostly out-of-date travel guides to the UK and religious blabberings, but among them was a hardbound, black-with-huge-gold-text epic called, alluringly, The Book of Secrets. It turns out it's a sexist handbook for bored housewives, instructing them on everything from being a smart traveler to maintaining Your Good Looks (featuring For men: how to dress at the office. Women get no such chapter).

I bring you a passage from the chapter, In And Around the Home, under the subheading, Are men taking more interest in decorating these days? (These days being the late '80's.)

Most men's priorities are a comfortable bed and chair, a lamp and a popcorn machine.

A popcorn machine? What?

My roommate (and dear friend) Kim wants to be in my blog. She makes insanely tasty beefy mac 'n' cheese. That's all I meant by that. It's always a party with Kim around. Even if her life is all about breasts and we get "The Journal of Human Lactation" delivered to our house monthly. She's in public health, people.

My friend Asher, who works for Current TV, was at SXSW this week, and got to meet Craig. Craig started some networking site in San Francisco or something. No, in all seriousness, I have this inkling I'm going to want to want thank him personally in a week or so for his magic List. I'll tell you later. Maybe.

It's good to be here, and I feel plenty of verbal spillage forthcoming.

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