Sunday, April 23, 2006


It felt so good to get into the portrait studio yesterday, I can hardly contain my excitement. Of course, there's still so much to learn and try - all I did was take what I've learned in class and manage to do it on my own. My friends Marie and Jamie came to pose for me, and I think you'll agree they're naturals. And totally hot.

(Above is me, seeing if the lights were working. They were.)

I started with a black backdrop, which is actually just the wall. Here they are.

Next we rolled out the white paper. I climbed up on a ladder for most of these. That was fun.

Once it was pretty much a wrap, Matt showed up.

Then Jamie took some pictures of us two. I felt surprisingly nervous on the other side of the camera.

A prize to whoever comes up with the best caption for this photo. One suggestion might be, "What's Happening To My Body?"

It's a rainy Sunday and it hasn't broken 50 degrees. I've only ventured outside onto the "veranda" (the little rooftop outside our windows) to take some abstract pictures of the fire escape, but that about did it for me. If you need me, I'll be bundled up in wool, editing pixels until my eyes cross.


Anonymous said...


This is fantastic, everything about it. The wrtitng and photos, yer so much fun. I just read the whole thing and it made me miss you. Glad you found a boy in such a silly way, it's what life's all about. Hey, do me a favor and check out my photo website at - I'd really like to hear your feedback. Love,


Ms. Mamma said...

Just your stranger in the midwest here saying, you take really great photos!