Friday, May 19, 2006

La Vita è Bella, and Very Very Hot

A hearty ciao ciao from the island of Sardegna, where I've been whisked away by my family. Things are good: the locals all want their picture taken, the water is a heavenly blue, and so far I've avoided being sun-frenched and am merely sun-"kissed", I would say.

For those of you who haven't heard: my photo show is now up at the Boston Beanstock Coffee Co., and there will be an opening reception at 8pm on May 25, next Thursday. I'd love to see any and all of you there. See my site for the invite.

It had to go up rather quickly, and I really didn't have the money for the proper framing and enlarging I would have liked to do. That being said, once it all went up on the walls, I felt an odd sensation that tickled my sternum and lightened my step that I wouldn't argue might be associated with pride.

I hear those of you in Boston are all but floating away on the flood that is Spring. Just think of all those amazing broken umbrella shots I'm missing. Damn. You know... I think I'll live.

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