Monday, May 08, 2006

To What I've Been Up

So last week I was sick. See?

It was a perfect day to be sick, because it was raining a lot. See?

So I took pictures from my post on the futon of the rather wet birds out the window. They looked pretty rumpled.

This pigeon is always Bogarting the songbird seed.

On Saturday, feeling much better, I had two photo sessions: one with Malissa (my coworker), her daughter Marika, and Marika's kids, Ebony (2) and Irea (3 mos.).

Photography is easy when you've got such beautiful subjects.

Take Marie, for example. You may have seen her featured here before. She came by so I could take her picture for the studio where she teaches yoga.

And then tonight, at my class at NESOP, we were lucky enough to have three members of the Wicked Pissas, a Boston women's roller derby team, come in to pose for us. They were incredible. I wanted to be their best friends: Jennasauraus Rex, Amanda Conda, and Harlot Flava.

See y'all on the flip side.


rachel said...

the pictures of the family are great! especially the black and whites, especially the amazing babies. beautiful!

rachel again said...

oh, and I love the birds too. And the comment about the bad pigeon. when I'm sick, I just lie around doing nothing and making my room smell bad. you're so admirable.