Tuesday, December 12, 2006

All Things Bright and Photographic

Variations on Matt with Cup of Coffee

(The lighting in the second one is from the neon sign outside.)

If you're like me, then you methodically check all the blogs you read at once each day, checking for updates and new stories, photos, and adventures. So, two weeks for mine is pretty much the outside window of time I can justify going without posting for my loyal few. Even if all I can give you, really, is crumbs for the birds.

So, here's what:

I left the nonprofit where I worked. Some denial is still in play, I think, because despite how insane it was for the past two months since I gave notice, and the awkward fit of the job for me in the first place, and how ready I am to make this career shift... I still feel like I could go into the office and see everyone any old time I want. The people who work there have been a big, loud, wonderful family to me for the past year, making Boston more "home" than it had ever been, and I can't imagine saying goodbye to them all forever. But they tell me you never really leave CS... you just become a volunteer.

So time now is largely spent at the portriat studio, where I chase children and squeal like a crazy person to get them to look up at me, where I get sneezed and drooled on by babies and overshadowed by parents standing over me calling for the kid's attention. It's insane. But as I get more comfortable and build something of a repor with each family that comes in, I'm learning how to extract something creative and different out of each kid, and just recently have started getting personal requests. People ask for my card, and when they call in for another appointment they ask for me to be their photographer. It's great for my ego.

Yesterday I met with an awesome professional photographer who may have me assist her with some of her upcoming wedding gigs. This means I'll be loading her Hasselblad camera backs, carrying equipment, taking light readings and generally following her around for instruction. I can't wait. She has a big dusty light-filled studio in South Boston, and I get the feeling she's the nurturing type - someone who can introduce me to other photographers, lend me equipment and studio space, instruct me on my work. I have a couple of other contacts to follow up on as well.

Oh, and... the reward for saving off tiny paychecks and putting away money from photo gigs and the studio for the past many months will be trading in my Olympus Evolt-500, a dandy little camera that has served me so well for the past 9 months, in exchange for a Canon 30D, just a little more beefed-up and respectable for me to start calling myself a legitimate event photographer.

And I'm going home to NC for a solid week over Christmas.

Thanks to my friends who are helping me solidify my role in the following exchange:

Random Person: So what do you do?

Jessie: Oh, I just started working in a portrait studio, yeah, it's mostly kids, it's kind of retail-y, but I'm trying to get a foot in--


Random Person: So what do you do?

Jessie: Well I used to work at a nonprofit, but I'm trying to be a photographer, so I'm ya know freelancing a little and working in a portrait--


RP: So what do you do?

JGK: I'm... a... photographer.

[Once more, with feeling.]

JGK: I'm a photographer.


rachel said...

good girl!

Jennifer said...

Please! You are so much more than just a photographer. I'll be working on a positive mission statement for JGK for future interactions. I miss you, but have been too busy to get in touch...so in 2006 the next best thing is reading your blog. heart u, j

Fred said...

Oooo, 30D! That's a nice one, that is. I'm totally psyched for you that you're a for really real photog now and I love the reference to our skit. So what if I was in the Peace Corps...?