Sunday, December 24, 2006

And to All a Good Night

This is Meredith, who I was telling you about, with her latte at Cafe Driade today. She's as amazing as she always was. Oh, and, she made me a sweatshirt for my iPod. She's so DIY.

Although the forecast predicted rain for the entirety of my visit home, this is what the sky delivered instead:

This is my mom on her new horse, Tweed. Tweed is blind in one eye.

This is one of our sheep in the pond pasture, watching me with staid curiosity.


I want to wish everyone a very peaceful night and merry Christmas tomorrow, if that's what you're celebrating. Everyone I know is flooding my mind tonight. My friends in Boston, in North Carolina, my friends across this country and in various places around the world, my family here in Hillsborough, my family farther away... those I haven't spoken to, for reasons intentional or otherwise... you are close to my heart, and I'm thinking of you even if you don't know it. I am an insanely lucky girl, and I thank you for being in my life in whatever way you are. Merry Christmas.


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Anonymous said...

Jessie! It's Ruby. I just saw a comment on Fred's blog, and so I checked this out. Just wanted to say I miss you! And your house!!