Sunday, June 24, 2007

The Postman Always Walks Up

Still retrieving everyday belongings from half-unpacked boxes around the perimeter of rooms, and seeing each other perhaps less than we did when we lived separately, Matt and I have yet to receive mailbox keys, window screens, or a smoke alarm - but in spite of the details that have resulted from June being a most chaotic month, we are very happy in our charming 5th floor apartment on, as certain locals call it, "The Avenue".

Yesterday the mailman (postal worker) brought our mail all the way up to our door, since he knew it was taking a while to get our keys and noticed the mail piling up. We were touched and felt formally welcomed to the building.

Unfortunately time hasn't lent itself to writing lately... the little time left over from working has been spent sitting and collecting my thoughts. July will be slower. August holds some travels. The fall feels like it's about 5 minutes away.

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