Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Seeing the World Through a Plastic Lens

Cross-processing is when you shoot slide film but have it processed as color negative. It gives you crazy, punchy color saturation, and when combined with a Holga (a plastic "toy" camera with no real settings to speak of, light leaks, and a plastic, blurry lens), the results can be fun. These are my first attempt at both, separately or combined. I took them during a week of chasing around 14 teenagers all over the city as part of a teen photo workshop I was helping teach. With a Holga it really it just point, click. No fuss.

Next month I'm taking a road trip to New Orleans, the kind of road trip where you load up your car with 5 different kinds of cameras and a whole mess of outdated film, tripods, lights, and oh yeah, some clothes and money, and set out to remember why you like taking pictures - because as nice as it is to be making money with it on a regular, increasing basis from people who want you to lend them your eye, that wasn't it originally.

Not that there's anything wrong with all the stuff I've been shooting lately. I'm up to my eyes in raw files needing to be "cooked", but here's some recent actually finished stuff. A wedding in Rhode Island...

(Thank you, Portrait Simple... I may have mastered the cute kid shot. Not that it's that difficult.)

A bat mitzvah in Boston...

And of course, you remember my friends Adam and Ian... you can see the rest of their wedding photos here, on Adam's Flickr site.

I'm never really caught up. There are still boxes piled around me, though only a couple left now. Order is overrated.... right?

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Anonymous said...

well, i totally want you to shoot my wedding. but, i kind of never want to get married. these desires seem to be at odds. and i'm not sure which will win out.

anyway - i love what i see.