Thursday, January 24, 2008

The (Ironic) Silver Lining

Sooo, I'm not off to the best start in this whole doing-a-project-every-week endeavor. However: last week threw me a minor curve ball when, sometime during the day, someone got past the locked door to my apartment, walk straight ahead to the table, picked up both Matt's and my computers, and left, without mussing up so much as a single, lesser appliance - not even our iPods which lay on the couch in plain view. Stupidly, we kept looking for long after we should have - it was just so surreal that they were gone. It took us a few days to warm back up to our apartment - even after changing the locks and committing to locking the deadbolt - but now we are fine, and grateful that it wasn't worse. My back-up drives, for example, sat right where I'd left them. I only lost maybe a couple uploads of personal pictures. Matt, I'm sorry to say, lost an expensive, 6-month-old computer that hadn't been backed up. Neither of us had renter's insurance. We learned the hard way so YOU don't have to.

Oh, the irony part? I've been saying lately to various people that I want a break from computers - a good, clean, detox-like purge for a little while, to remind myself of the importance of things non-digital in life. Looks like the experiment didn't feel like waiting. It was short-lived, but it was kind of nice, reading in the evenings instead of click-click-clicking until bedtime.

My camera shutter hasn't been completely still. Here's William, whom you last met at negative-2-months old.

Also, on a shoot with Mark recently, I was so excited about meeting my favorite young-adults author that I was allowed to take a few shots of my own. I was very nervous, though, and didn't quite get the effect I was going for - partly because I was absolutely blinding her in the sunlight. I kind of love the one with her eyes closed.

Lately on my Sitemeter I've been getting all these blog hits from Google Image searches, but I can't seem to find the search terms used to take people there. The hits come from all over the world, and seem to bring people mostly to this image, along with a few others. Anyone have any idea? It's very confusing. I can't find it posted anywhere... but I've gotten hundreds and hundreds of hits linking from it.

Okay. Now I've stretched my blogging muscles. With any luck, I'll be back next week.


Ian said...

That sucks about the computers, kiddo. I don't know what I would do. Let's hope karma gives you and Matt something good soon. Like new computers.

Sarah Wright said...

Those are gorgeous pictures you took of William and family.

Joshua Mahar said...

Hey Jesse -
Do you tag your images at all with Photoshop? If you do, that might be why. Someone has probably link with you somewhere. It least you are getting exposure!

Joshua Mahar said...

Wow - I can't type! - sorry for contaminating your blog.