Thursday, February 15, 2007

Front-Page-Below-the-Fold Valentine's Goodness

Hello my dears,

As you can see, I did make the paper yesterday (you can see the rest of the article here, but no pictures). And though this Valentine's Day may have been the most disgusting, slushy, step off a curb ankle deep in half frozen mud Day, I raced home from work in the best mood, two Boston Globes under my arm, my hair a frozen, matted mess, and dashed into Filene's Basement for a cheap, fantastic Valentine's Day dress. I had about 10 minutes to go home and change, decompress, and head out for dinner, and then I was back in it, laughing the whole time and I slipped and slid to the T station. A complete stranger offered me a piggy-back ride over a particularly daunting puddle (I declined, opting to leap instead). By the time I emerged from the blustery steam of the Holocaust Memorial, after the T died a smoky death at State Street and left me to run through the rain-mixed-with-sleet (a weather term I never really understood until yesterday), I was a shivering, still-smiling, Jessie-pop.

At the table next to us, as we were finishing our gazillion-layered chocolate cake, a man was suddenly on his knee, being hugged by a crying, grinning, tan, blond woman from Revere. We clapped. She cried. I maybe cried (just a little). I mentally beat myself up for not having my camera on me (I've almost let it go). I gave them my card. They gave us champagne. It was Valentine's Day.

As the waitress watched them hugging and viewing the newly engaged's extended, diamond-weighted hand, she gave us a dry look and said, "You get so jaded after a while." I think she was talking about in-restaurant proposals, and not her own life.

Anyway, Matt liked his t-shirt, which I made on You can see it here. I might make some other (more widely applicable) ones, too, which you can buy!

Even a little underslept and chilly and busy, I can't stop smiling.

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Megara said...

Cara Jessetta... even though I am a cripple I wish I could come give you a piggyback ride through the howling gales of snow. Rome has been lacking in winter weather; it's been about 55-60 degrees every day, and while I suppose I shouldn't be complaining about that I would love just two days of white, messy, complicating snow. (but no more)

Missing you, as always.