Tuesday, February 13, 2007


Chagmion Antoine is a journalist/correspondant for CBS News on LOGO, and one of the co-hosts on the online lesbian talk show, "She Said What?" Check her out, she's amazing. She swung by via Fung Wah to see me this weekend from her digs in NYC, and I managed to sneak this photo in before we headed out to be thrifty.

We all need to break free of our cities once in a while. Next Sunday I'm heading to New York for a two-day photo shoot with my new boss, and I'm looking forward to seeing my fabulous Aunt Karen and paying a visit to Chagmion herself. My life is chock-full of amazing individuals.

I myself am off to the laundro-mat so that I won't wind up naked in this alleged snowstorm we're getting tomorrow. Snow on Valentine's Day... Matt will be giddy. I'll grin and bear it.

Speaking of V-Day, you can try to out-do the amazing gift I came up with, but you might as well go the roses 'n' candy route, 'cause you won't come close. Curious? Yeah.

And on that note, here's a project my new boss is working on for the month of February as his first foray into video. Yesterday, interviewing a famous chef and her architect, I got to wear headphones and carry a boom mike as we rushed around the restaurant with a hand-held. I love my new job.

Got to go scrounge under the couch cushions.

P.S. Check tomorrow's Globe's Living Arts section. I may be in the paper. Possibly front page. Possibly even above the fold. Possibly.

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Ian said...

I'm so happy for you that the new job is working out! It gives me a little hope that there are actually cool jobs out there in the arts fields. :)