Friday, February 02, 2007

All You Have Are Your Experiences

For those of you concerned about the questionable nature of this picture, it is with no choice that I tell you this story, because it's just that good. My incredibly wonderful significant other can rest assured that he has nothing to worry about from the boy with the weird genie pants. It's just that this street performer, Orien (I think is how you spell it), happens to be a kid I (sort of) befriended back in Boston almost two years ago when I was living in the North End. We would chat when I was walking home from work and he'd just finished a show with his family, and though I once offered to take him to dinner we never got around to actually going out. In part because he's a good four years younger than me. In part because our lives are so different I can't even imagine what we'd talk about. But here I was in Key West yesterday at the sunset carnival, thinking about how the best street performance I'd seen was right in Boston from an adorable young British acrobat and his traveling act, and I look up mid-sentence from expressing this sentement to my sister, and there he is.

I just had to say hello. He remembered me - even that I wanted to be a photographer - but then he was attacked by a swarm of freshmen college girls thrusting digital cameras at him, and I waved goodbye and left.

And I thought Boston was small; turns out it's the whole world.

Click on the picture above for a Flickr slideshow of my photos from Hemingway House. Melissa, this is especially for you. Expect cheesy postcards, too.

Back to the sun.



Dorie said...

Jealous! Hope you are having fun "recouperating" if thats what you kids are calling it these days!!

Fred said...

Jess, these shots are AWESOME. And here's me thinking I was a budding travel photographer. I bow to you.