Monday, April 16, 2007

Leaps of Joy

Well, that stinks. Leave it to me to advise other people never to compose their blog entries actually on their blog, lest the internet crash unexpectedly or the power blink, and then to go ahead and write a long entry about my amazing day last Friday and lose the whole thing. Damn it. From now on I'm always composing in Word.

The gist was this: had a shoot with Mark in New Haven, publicity shots for concert painist, snuck into dangerous construction site, frolicked amongst rubble for hours in wind and cold, got treated to sushi dinner, learned pianist's incredible life story, love my job. But it was much better written.

Yesterday I met with my good friends Adam and Ian to discuss the details of their wedding, which I'm shooting in Western Mass next month. After the business stuff, we goofed off in the studio for a while. I'm not thrilled with my lighting job here, but A & I are cute as bugs. Which means really freaking cute.

Here's me and the boys...

Rachel and Jesse stopped by then, and things got a little... well...

I love my job.

Other news: I might be moving to Cambridge. Which would make me happy to leave a crappy landlord and move closer to where I spend all my time, sad to leave a wonderful roommate/friend and amazing apartment that took a lot of work.

Also, improvements are in place for, as well as postcards being printed now and in the mail soon. If you know of anyone who might want to hire me and who should receive a postcard, drop me a comment and I'll get right on it.

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rachel said...

Love the postcard, love the pictures, think your models are hott! And loooove that baby on the postcard. That baby is so cute.