Friday, April 27, 2007

You Want to Step Outside?

This sad little guy was right outside the studio the other day, plastered by the wind against a bunch of bicycles.

Pretty soon Central Square will be my new stomping grounds for both work and home. We found a beautiful, sunny apartment over a fantastic restaurant/bar right on "the Avenue" for relatively cheap, and move in late June. Anyone know anyone looking for a room in the South End?

Last night I had my own hotel room in a cottage in the Berkshires - not that I really got to enjoy it. We drove in just before dusk to get a very particular kind of light - you know that point in the evening when the sky and everything it lights turns kind of cobalt, and any street lamps or lit windows by contrast are the most vibrant orange? That's what we were going for, and managed, I think, to capture. We went out for dinner with the client yesterday (sushi again), and I got to bed around 11:30, only to have to pry myself from bed at 5:30 to hit the road back to Boston. That's a tough turnaround for a sleepy girl.

The postcards came, which is exciting... but they're about two shades darker than I'd anticipated, despite my fancy calibration. Not awful, though. Now I've got to find 500 people to send 'em to.

The photoshoots keep coming regardless. Here are a couple shots from the church shoot I did last week...

And tomorrow I'm shooting an event for the Cambridge Science Festival at the Strata Center, the Frank Gehry building at MIT that I've always wanted to check out. A week after that (gasp!) is Adam and Ian's wedding. I am wishin' and hopin' and thinkin' and prayin' for sun on that beautiful grassy hilltop in front of the big Oak tree. But, you know, a well-diffused, softly lit, not-too-bright sun. Not to be picky.

You know what's tough? Watching someone whose art you admire suffer an inspiration drought, and feeling like it's your job, if not entirely your responsibility, to guide them to the proverbial water. It's especially tough when you sort of stop being able to see your own work in a creative light, because it's becoming so second nature and you sometimes forget to color outside the lines.

My first plan of action is a field trip. Possibilities for the hijacking next week are the Griffin Museum in Winchester, or maybe the new ICA, or maybe some interesting films. If our own work isn't doing it for us, by golly, we're gonna go feast our eyes on someone else's.

(Rocking a little Mary Jane Watson comic book action. Good thing my boyfriend already looks like Peter Parker.)


MIA said...

congrats, on your new digs. i can't believe you're moving across the river, though. it's like i barely know you:)

MIA said...