Monday, April 02, 2007

Spring Can Really Hang You Up the Most

It's broken umbrella season, folks: occasional sideways rain-snow, misleadingly decadent sunny days followed by skin-prickling cold, wind that slams into you like a rude Bostonian trying to get to Fenway Pahk, etc., etc., etc.

Fortunately, though, things are going really well here. My job is amazing, and even though my back is like an overplayed accordion from all the equipment carrying I do, and sometimes the stress makes me just sit down and laugh, I've learned more in the past two months than I can barely contain it all in my head. There's definitely some direction in my life that wasn't there a year ago.

I've been getting hooked up with great freelance jobs over the last several weeks, through my own incredible connections and friends. And I haven't really started doing much marketing yet: once I actually start trying to find more work, I'm hoping to propel myself a little closer to a decent paycheck. So I can, you know, eat (kidding - I eat just fine). Or buy a new lens once in a while. Thanks for your votes, by the way. it is. I have to redesign the whole thing soon. Stay posted for new stuff.

I'm off to New York for Passover, and Meredith gets to come with me. We're off to catch the train. Stay dry. Be good. Buy an umbrella with some serious spine.

And if you manage to come into some, share your apples.

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