Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Dangling Off the Edge of the U.S.A.

Wow, Boston. You couldn't seem further away.

My mom called to tell me what happened there today. It's hard to tell whether to be amused or pissed off. I imagine if I'd been in town today while word was spreading of small, unidentifiable circuit devices placed under bridges, near medical centers, and in other heavily-populated areas, I would have felt a collective fear of the unknown. Did you, my loyal readers? As it was, my mother called me and told me of the city's stand-still, and I hopped on to read the article explaining the ad-campaign-gone-awry. I admit it - I couldn't help but laugh. The devices were a (too) subtle promotion for "Aqua Teen Hunger Force", a show so idiotic that I only get a kick out of watching male friends giggle uncontrollably at it. I seem to miss the gene to appreciate watching the show itself.

Here's a little more dish on the subject.

Well, that was an amusing little return to my other life.

Now, where was I?



Ohhh yes.

Truth be told, I really don't have a lot to report from the southernmost tip of the continental US. All I want to do is sleep in my little attic room in the beautiful house of a famous writer who my sister is assisting for the winter, and listen to rain pelt the roof at night - or sit by the little pool on the deck and read until my back is so hot I can't take it anymore. We have rental bikes to go the beach, and the main drag a few blocks away...

Cocktails on porches...

The soporific drone of ceiling fans...

Aaaaaand, well, this was the entire point, I guess. I've been sent to a faraway island to recover from debilitating illness. I'll come back rested, renewed, recovered, with the gleam of my former self returning to my eye.

If I'm... not too weary... I'll blog once in a while.

And yes, Amanda, I'm using blog as a verb and I'm not all that ashamed of it.

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