Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Guess Who's a Hot Shot?

Did you really have any doubt? Really?

I wasn't able to get exactly what I wanted, which was more money up-front. But I got the feeling that there will be bonuses when they're available, and very flexible vacation time and days off, and extensive use of studio and equipment. And with the portrait studio to round things out, I should be able to make ends meet.

After three short weeks of job-searching, with mono to boot, lookit me! I have a job!

On the other hand... oh, man. I have a job.

Got to be in Central Square at 6:55am tomorrow for an all-day shoot in New Haven, CT. This mono makes me such a light-weight that I seem to be drunk off of one glass of red wine with dinner. That it's not even 8pm and I'm trying to decide whether it's an unreasonable time to put myself to bed does not look promising for my roaring social life lately.

Thanks for all the crossed appendages, everyone, I owe you one.

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Fred said...

If you're a photo-gangstah and you know it puctha hands up,
Putcha hands up!