Monday, January 15, 2007

Sepia on Sunday

Nope, I still haven't heard about the job. It's a long story I'm willing to tell, but not here. Two weeks into the job search, I'm just thankful I have friends who are generous enough in the kitchen that I'm avoiding spending too much money on food.

Today is lazy and wonderful, just hanging out with Matt in Cambridge, eating breakfast in and watching the cold rain outside and listening to music. Of course, that's the thing about being half-employed - I'm not making any money for taking today off.

Yesterday I set up a makeshift studio in my den, and several wonderful people made their way over to pose for me throughout the day. Here are some of the highlights - just a few for now, since I'm still in "post-production".

Meet the models. Here's Rachel:

And Rachel and Jesse:

And Melissa:

And Georgia:

Upon the advice of a local photographer I met with last week, I'm going to be paring way back on my website soon. I may even make exclusively for my umbrella collection, and find another domain for my other work. Check back for updates.


Eamon said...

people have been telling me the same thing. That whole 'you're only as good as the worst photo on your site' deal.

Melissa said...

Ooh, I feel famous!

(But thanks for not posting the topless ones for all the world to see...)