Wednesday, January 17, 2007

-syllabic, -tonous, -nucleosis

In my case, the operative prefix would be mono.

The truth is I feel so much better since the doc called yesterday with my results. I knew there had to be some better explanation for feeling so exhausted and sick for the past several weeks, to the point where my sore throat and relentless cough drove me to the (free) healthcare center, than just that I'm "sickly". Turns out, I have the "kissing disease" most people get in high school or college.

I've been ordered not to do any strenuous exercise, or, in my interpretation, to stop feeling guilty for not. Since I've already been going about my business and dragging my ass out of bed every day on various job-hunts, even as I wondered why the hell I could barely keep my eyes open, I guess I'll just keeping rolling along until it's over. Just remember to turn me down next time I enthusiastically offer you a sip of whatever tasty concoction I'm drinking. And no smooching. Definitely no more smooching.

If there were ever a time for a colon followed by an opening-parenthesis, this would be it.


Fred said...

Jess, feel better. It was awesome to talk to you. Let me know via emial about your professional adventures.

MIA said...

hi jess :( yes it seems appropriate. take care of yourself. feel better soon.