Tuesday, January 02, 2007

Semi-Employment: Hitting the Ground Running

Cross your fingers for me out there, and while you're at it maybe some toes and arms and legs.

I just erased nearly an entire post about a brief job interview I had with a Cambridge photographer, because after describing it in detail it occurred to me that I'd rather stay tight-lipped about this one, for superstition's sake. But: if I got the job, I'd really be thrown into the business and helping out on all aspects of being a commercial photographer, including darkroom time, traveling to shoots, taking smaller clients myself, and helping teach a summer program for teenagers. It would be a little insane and probably kind of frustrating to work for an disorganized whirlwind like him, but I'd still have time for my own stuff and probably a couple days a week at the portrait studio. If I play my cards right, the paycut wouldn't even be that huge. I'd definitely learn a lot.

My waitress apron is on standby, and I'm reviewing wine pairings and French cuisine terminology just in case... but wouldn't it be so fantastic if I could find enough photo work to keep me afloat without waiting tables?

Oh, and while I'm at it, I need a favor from you. I want to start drumming up headshot business at the local colleges' and universities' theater programs, but I need to build a bit of a portfolio for that, and everything I have is out of date. I'll do free portraits for the first 5 people who respond, in exchange for using them for my website and flyers. And you come to me; we can do them outdoors around Boston.

That's all for now! You know, why don't you cross your eyes for me too, while you're at it? I'll keep you posted.

I need to trim my bangs.


Asher said...

Naw, leave the bangs. Damn - how am I typing this while crosseyed?!

Eamon said...

Dude - what happened? Are you still waiting? My everything is crossed for you. I live vicariously as a struggling photographer through your blog. Thanks for your comments too.